A Digital Inspection System Integrated with CarMD PRO SCAN Technology

CarMD & RSS Integration

Innovative Technology

Repair Shop Solutions has partnered with CarMd to bring scanned system results right into your digital inspection. When you text your customers digital inspection to them, there's a section that will show scan results to give the customer a quick look at how their vehicle is performing and to alert them of possible upcoming issues they may not be aware of.

Battery State

Quick look at battery voltage right in the scan results.

Module Test Results

Shows the total number of modules scanned, how many passed and a breakdown of each failure.

Monitor Status

Before you head off for an emissions test, you need to know if the monitors are passing or have not passed the tests. Shows all passing and failing monitors.

Predictive Failures

Common issues found on the year, make, model, and mileage for each vehicle and the indication in a percentage of probability of impending failure.

CarMD ProScan - How it Works

Unmatched Technology

Designed to function within a shops existing work flow, CarMD Pro Scan allows you to easily scan every module in a vehicle as part of the inspection process

Report for shops

CarMD PRO SCAN offers a technical Pre and Post scan shop report with diagnostic information, freeze frame, TSBs, suggested repair, module scan information, and more.

Report for your customer

Show customers a slightly less technical version of the same report a shop see’s, all while maintaining customer friendliness.

Customizable reports

Use the drag and drop interface to customize reports. Add, remove, or rename any section for either the shop or consumer reports. It’s entirely up to the user.

Modern Dashboards

As cars become more complex, it is getting harder to reach the data needed for repairs. Complex problems require elegant solutions, which is why CarMD PRO SCAN focuses on offering technical information in a very user friendly interface.



250 Reports/Month

Includes one scanner
Additional scanners can be purchased for only $75.00 each. No limit to the number of scanners. Each Tech will want one!



750 Reports/Month

Includes two scanners
Additional scanners can be purchased for only $75.00 each. No limit to the number of scanners. Each Tech will want one!

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